About the blog

Hi, I’m Laura.  Welcome to Made at Home! I’m a new mom with a new house in Ottawa, Canada and I’m passionate about making the healthiest and happiest life for me and my growing family.

Born and raised here in Ottawa, I’ve been a food enthusiast since I was young. As a child with two very picky siblings, I developed my interest in cooking at an early age to avoid eating the same boring food as my brother and sister. Now as a new mom, I hope I can help my son develop an adventurous appetite and healthy eating habits.

I love to cook wholesome, healthy and delicious food right here at home with my husband. I believe in eating real food. Fresh food from local farms always tastes better. Living in the city allows us to enjoy Ottawas vibrant culinary scene that includes local gourmet food shops, artisinal bakeries and wonderful outdoor summer markets where local farmers sell their produce. These places help us make great food at home. With a baby that is growing quickly, I’m looking forward to sharing our son’s adventures with food as we begin to introduce solids in a couple months.

Made at home is a blog about cooking and eating together at home and bringing back the joy of the family meal. I hope that involving my son in the choice and preparation of the foods we eat, and eating them together, will help him to grow into a healthy, adventurous eater who understands that food is always better when its made at home. I hope you enjoy our favourite homemade recipes as much as we do.